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The To-Go and Hands-On services are here to give you a general idea of what we offer. During our consultation, we will go into more depth about your needs & expectations. From there, we can adjust services accordingly to your budget! Every event is special and different, so our offerings are custom to your needs. 

Personalized Flower Arrangement
Image by Brooke Lark


The To-Go Service is designed to make your life easier. We help every step of the way, but when it comes to Soirée day, we set you up for success for a simple set up. 

We package all decor with labels and deliver to you, so that you can set up quickly and efficiently on your own time.


The Hands-On service is designed to take the pressure off of you on your special day. Similar to our To-Go offering, we're there every step of the way, including full setup of decor and any extras*. 

In this service, we can also facilitate florists, caterers, and/or entertainment depending on size & venue

   *Extras by Soirée:

  • Charcuterie Boards

  • Graze Tables

  • Flower arrangements

  • Signature drinks

Image by Jenna Duxbury
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